CICHLID-L - Cichlid Systematics Distribution List

Sven O Kullander VE-SVEN at NRM.SE
Fri Jan 20 13:37:51 CST 1995

One more specialists' distribution list is now available. Cichlid
students and others working on Neotropical and African freshwater
fishes may find the following information from NEW-LIST useful.

CICHLID-L on mailserv at

   The Cichlid Systematics Distribution List, CICHLID-L, is devoted to
   the perciform fish family Cichlidae, a major group of tropical
   freshwater fishes of considerable interest to students of evolution,
   biogeography, anatomy, behavior and aquaculture.  It is intended both
   for posting relevant news, such as information about recent
   publications, and for the general discussion of any issues relating
   to cichlids.  It is primarily an academic forum.

   CICHLID-L is open for public subscription but only list members may
   post contributions.

   If you wish to join the list please send a message to:

   mailserv at

   with the first line in the body of the message, unindented,
   containing the command:

   SUBSCRIBE CICHLID-L Yourfirstname Yourlastname

   Please be extremely careful to ensure that the subscription command
   is on the very first line of the body of the message.  There may not
   be any blank space preceding the command and your e-mail program must
   not insert any type of memo header at the outset of the message.
   Your subscription will be acknowledged by a text providing detailed
   information about the list and its operation.  If you do not receive
   this text by return e-mail you may assume that there was a problem
   with the processing of your request.

   If you require manual assistance in accessing this service please

   Owner: cichlid-l-request at

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