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Course Announcement
Taxonomy: Principles and Practices
A 12-day Short Course sponsored by NERC & the Systematics Association
July 3 - 14, 1995

The aim of this course is to provide both background theory and hands-on
 experience of a wide range of modern taxonomic methods, from molecular
 techniques to morphometric analysis, with examples of applications in both
 living and fossil organisms.

The overall objective is to provide participants with sufficient understanding
 of the underlying concepts and day-to-day practicalities of modern systematics
 to allow them to make balanced, reasoned decisions about the most appropriate
 way of resolving their own taxonomic problems.

The method of instruction will be by lectures, practical sessions, and informal
 evening discussion sessions.  Participants will be encouraged to bring their
 own data, and to discuss their taxonomic interests.

The course forms part of the NERC Taxonomy Initiative, and will be co-sponsored
 by the Systematics Association.  It will be taught by a range of experts in
 different branches of taxonomy, including contributions by various outside

Topics considered in the course include acquiring and analysing molecular data,
 the use of morphometric methods for species recognition, and a selection of
 approaches to phylogenetic inference.  Extensive use will be made of computers,
 and training will be provided in a various tools for phylogenetic
 reconstruction, morphometric analysis, database searching, etc.  A major
 feature of the course will be to emphasise the advantages and pit-falls of the
 various methods of species recognition and phylogenetic reconstruction.  The
 course will end with an overview of the application of taxonomy in the last
 decade of the twentieth century, from environmental issues to biogeography, and
 conservation biology to molecular fingerprinting.

The cost of the course will be #500, to include Bed & Breakfast Accommodation
 (in University Halls of Residence), Course Manuals, Use of Equipment,
 Laboratory Consumables, etc.  Because of the emphasis on practical work, the
 number of participants is strictly limited to 25; places will be allocated on a
 "first-come, first -served basis" and a deposit of #100 will secure a place.
 NERC will pay the fees of ten NERC-funded Ph.D. students.  A limited number of
 partial scholarships will be available for Non-NERC students.  The course is
 not restricted to Ph.D. students, but is open to all who are interested in

For further details, contact:
Zoe Badcock, Taxonomy Course,
IBLS, Botany Building,
University of Glasgow, Glasgow, G12 8QQ, UK

FAX:- (041) 330-4447, Telephone (041) 339-8855 Ext. 6207
Electronic Mail: taxon at

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