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Thu Jan 26 22:09:30 CST 1995

Finally!  No more word-processing to make your insect labels!
Entomation announces the availability of its new product, EntoPrint.   This
stand-alone labeling software runs only on the Apple Macintosh family of
computers, and will be shipping in early February.
EntoPrint replaces the tedious process of producing pin, alcohol, and other
labels using word processing software with a simple, single entry.  You
specify how many labels you want and the size of labels.  EntoPrint
automatically formats the labels into columns, and provides enough space
between each label so that you can easily cut them apart.
EntoPrint also allows you to put sequential numbering anywhere in your
labels!  Serialize your labels to take advantage of today's data-entry
EntoPrint has application beyond insect labels, and will be useful for anyone
wishing to make large numbers of labels. Vertebrate zoologists and others
 using f
ield-collection tags  will benefit from EntoPrint's ease of use.
EntoPrint works on any Macintosh using System 7 software.  It prints to
dot-matrix, laser, and ink-jet printers.  Obviously, the higher the
resolution of your printer, the better your labels will look.
Price?  EntoPrint is available at the low price of $29.95 for single-user
version, and $125 for site-licenses.  Add $2.00 for postage and handling.

Contact: Entomation, 2742 Beacon Hill, Ann Arbor, MI  48104-6502.
 313-971-6033.  Internet: entomation at aol.com

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