NEEDED: Videotape of Amoebas (fwd)

Benjamin Martin Waggoner bmw at UCLINK2.BERKELEY.EDU
Mon Jul 3 22:07:46 CDT 1995

This just crossed my desk. Can anyone help this person?

Ben Waggoner

X-Sender: nextstep at
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 1995 18:40:17 -0700
From: nextstep at (Next Step)
Subject: Videotape of Amoebas

I'm the Production Assistant at Next Step, a science & technology show on
The Discovery Channel.

I hope this is the right group of people to ask, but I need to obtain
footage of Amoebas (or any other signle-celled organisms such as Protists
or Flagellates) under a microscope on Betacam.

If you indeed have video of Amoebas, it is imperative that we get this
footage as soon as possible, preferably FedEx-ed overnight on Wednesday.
Please contact me at the number below on Wednesday, to let me know whether
or not this is possible.  If you happen to know a better source, please
pass this request on to them, as well.

Thanks very much.


Andy Brandt
Production Assistant/Researcher, NextStep  | Office phone: 415/561-8094
NextStep at                          |   Office Fax: 415/561-8040
______                                     |        Pager: 415/565-8664
|    _|  NextStep
|  _| |  1001 Van Ness Avenue
|_|___|  San Francisco, CA 94109 USA


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