Roxburgh's 'Hortus Bengalensis'

Richard Saunders saunders at HKUCC.HKU.HK
Thu Jul 6 10:28:07 CDT 1995

I would be very grateful if anyone who is familiar with William Roxburgh's
'Hortus Bengalensis' (1814) could help me with a typification problem.

The name Uvaria heteroclita Roxb. (basionym of Kadsura heteroclita (Roxb.)
Craib) was first published in Roxburgh's 'Hortus Bengalensis' (page 43) as a
nomen nudum.  There are several columns of information alongside the name,
including "Mr. M.R. Smith, 1812".  As I only have a photocopy of p. 43 and
not the entire volume, I'm not sure what this refers to.  Is it a reference
to a type specimen/collection?  Or is it just a reference to an informal
communication from Smith?  If it is the former, where would the specimen now
be found? - I can't find any reference to Smith in the literature on collectors.

Any help would be very gratefully received!  Please e-mail me directly.

Richard Saunders

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