UNIDROIT: Got any specimens?

Peter Rauch peterr at VIOLET.BERKELEY.EDU
Thu Jul 6 20:52:07 CDT 1995

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The June 1995 issue of the ASC Newsletter (Association of Systematics
Collections) has an article about "UNIDROIT Treaty Under Negotiation:
Could Broaden Repatriation Claims to Include Flora and Fauna."

"The UNIDROIT Convention on the International Return of Stolen or
Illegally Exported Cultural Objects is currently being negotiated,
with the most recent meeting taking place in Rome in June, 1995. The
definition of "cultural object" includes flora and fauna. The term
"illegally exported" includes materials that are claimed as cultural
patrimony and hence are claimed to be under sovereign control by various
national governments." The article goes on to detail various developments
in recent negotiotions, and in particular the US government's and ASC's

This is NAGPRA's big brother! This is Federal Register Notice" 50 CFR 13-14's
soul mate. How come no one has raised it for discussion in these forums,
where our collection artifacts and specimens represent the targets of the
Convention's attention?
Peter R

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