"Threat" to types (or institutions?)

Benjamin Martin Waggoner bmw at UCLINK2.BERKELEY.EDU
Sun Jul 9 23:29:02 CDT 1995

On Sun, 9 Jul 1995, Peter Rauch wrote:

> Mike asks lots of good questions about the repatriation of ones national
> flora and fauna, and rightfully argues that "This is a critical issue
> to the form of our community into the next millenium.
> To take it down to a less serious level, however, I'd argue that they
> are welcome to their specimens, but I will keep the labels and pins.
> While the specimen would be freely returned, I'd have to charge for
> the value-added "accoutrements," at say:
>                     Pin-in-place    US$1000.00
>        Locality/collector labels    US$4000.00
>              Determination label    US$2000.00/determination
>                      Field notes    US$3000.00/page
>             Literature citations    US$5000.00/citation
Have you ever considered a job writing defense contracts for the
U.S. armed forces?

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