New threat to types

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Date: Mon, 10 Jul 1995 08:54:41 MDT
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Subject: Re: New threat to types

I think we should drop the assumption that types or other specimens are
safer in the rich countries.  There are several horror stories of orphaned
collections being destroyed in the US, the history of the California Academy
and Philadelphia Academy both being alternatives of non-orphaned collections
being destroyed.  Europe is not immune either, as specimens have been lost
through neglect and war (especially Germany) in these developed countries.

I would also ask that we not get into threats of destroying specimens if
internationally negotiated and legally binding treaties are being enforced.
This will only mean that those outside our communities will decide our fate.

Perhaps we should deal with the criteria that a museum should meet in
order to be able to hold types?  Also, model negotiated "compacts" between
source countries and holders of types, as was suggested earlier.  I for
one would really like the London and Paris museums to provide me with travel
funds to study types taken from my country.

Mike Ivie

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