FW: On the level of these messages - AGAIN!

Joseph Laferriere joseph at BIO2.COM
Wed Jul 12 11:32:00 CDT 1995

Dear gentlemen and gentlewomen,
    It is amazing how someone can complain about the low level of
discussions but yet drag the level further into the cesspool. My comments
below were totally (and apparently willfully) misinterpreted. The author of
the note attacked and ridiculed a potential ally who was trying to make
precisely the same point he was.
   To recap, the discussion on repatriation of type material started when an
Australian visiting Prague (sorry, but I forget the names) complained about
"sure destruction" of collections in so-called "Third World" countries.
Someone else (I think he/she was Brazilian unless I'm mistaken) replied by
saying that collections in the Third World are better off than they are in
Europe where they can be destroyed by bombs. My comment was meant to
castigate both parties, the ones who unfairly categorize people from other
continents with too broad a stroke of the pen (or keyboard). Neither bombs
nor poor curation is an exclusive characteristic of either hemishpere. I
stand by that statement.
    PLEASE: let us refrain from personal insults like the one below. Let us
also refrain from attacking other countries or other institutions, whether a
traditional herbarium or an innovative, ground-breaking research facility
like Biosphere 2.

Joe Laferriere
From: owner-taxacom
To: Multiple recipients of list TAXACOM
Subject: On the level of these messages - AGAIN!
Date: Wednesday 12 July 1995 2:20PM


This last pearl adds a little bit of shamelessness to all the above

    As for the tone of the previous comments on this subject, I noted
irrational prejudice on both sides. There are, indeed, bombs in poor
countries and poorly maintained institutions in rich ones. Let us deal with
facts, not stereotypes.

Joseph Laferriere
Biosphere 2
joseph at bio2.com

Well, bombs *do not* destroy our natural history collections, as
they are doing at Serbia, Bosnia and other parts of "the heart of
Europe", nor our public buildings, for that matter, as recently
happened at USA (by the way, wasn't one of that crazy guys from
Montana?). Also, we had never had to face Russian's tanks (as
those at Prague, the heart of Europe, in 1968) to visit and work
at our "poorly maintained institutions"...

Come out from your stupid artificial world of "Biosphere 2" and
see the *real* planet Earth!

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