Zooplankton Identifications

Fraser R. Sime simef at WATER.CA.GOV
Wed Jul 12 12:39:30 CDT 1995

The Northern District office of the California Department of Water
Resources is in the process of reconstructing it's freshwater zooplankton
monitoring program and I would appreciate any comments or  suggestions from
knowledgeable colleagues on the following topics:

a) Preservation/fixation of field samples.
b) Currently accepted methods of calculating the numbers individuals of
different species/litre from a net tow.
c) Best available source of identification keys for commonly occuring
freshwater species in California, as well as any suggestions for expediting
microscopy, lab analyses/identifications.
d) Statistically valid subsampling methods.

Please respond to my e-mail address (simef at water.ca.gov), to avoid clutter
on this list.
I would also like to establish a working relationship for occational peer
review with a zooplankton taxonomist
familiar with the species found in freshwater lakes in Northern California.

Thank you.

F. Sime

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