UNIDROIT implications?

Gary Noonan carabid at CSD.UWM.EDU
Fri Jul 14 09:28:50 CDT 1995

At 09:14 PM 7/13/95 +0200, Sven O Kullander wrote:
>Having taken part of the UNIDROIT declaration, it is obvious that this item
>is a 'tempest in a museum cabinet', or not even that - just a wind carrying
>some museum dust with it. Unveilance of what was beneath the dust maybe was
>more interesting than the declaration.
>The UNIDROIT dectlaration makes clear that only cultural objects are
>concerned. The 'science' mentioned in the passing obviously only relates to
>Arts, Humanistics, Social, Anthropological and the like Science, i.e. the
>science of human expressions, whereabouts and artifacts - not Natural

        UNIDROIT does apply to biological specimens.
        I downloaded the UNIDROIT document from the World Wide Web site that
Peter  Rauch gave in his recent message
(http://www.city.ac.uk/artspol/unidroit.html). I downloaded the document
with Netscape and deleted excess carriage returns. The document took about
10 pages to print out. It people want, I can send an E-mail message to
Taxacom with the full UNIDROIT text. I already have the text in E-mail form
because I sent it to curators at my museum.

        The text makes it clear that animals and plants are included. Below
please find article 2 that states that the UNIDROIT Convention includes
categories listed in the Annex to the document. Also below is the first part
of the annex.  The annex phrase
"specimens of fauna, flora" certainly seems to apply to animals and plants.

Article 2

For the purposes of this Convention, cultural objects are those which, on
religious or secular grounds, are of importance for archaeology,
prehistory, history, literature art or science and belong to one of the
categories listed in the Annex to this Convention.

Annex I

[Definitions of Cultural Property under the Convention]

(a) Rare collections and specimens of fauna, flora, minerals and anatomy,
and objects of palaeontological interest;

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