SERFIS WWW & Bilingual Workshop

Sat Jul 15 16:20:44 CDT 1995

Announcements from SERFIS,
Southeastern Regional Floristic Information System:

    1. The World Wide Web (WWW) server of SERFIS is up, and the
    address is:  or
    Valuable information in SERFIS includes: ~100,000 records of
    botanical collection data, include some records from China
    presented in both Roman alphabets and Chinese scripts (bilingual).

    2. An International Workshop of Bilingual Information Management
    is to be held at the University of Alabama in December 3-6, 1995.
    Participants can expect to get hands-on experience with World Wide
    Web and other Internet utilities. In addition, the following
    systems will be demonstrated: Southeastern Regional Floristic
    Information System (SERFIS, U of AL), Bilingual (English-Chinese)
    Botanical Information Systems (BBIS, U of AL and Sun Yatsen U. at
    Guangzhou), Specimen MAnagement System for California Herbaria
    (SMASCH, UC-Berkeley), Biodiversity Information Management
    (BIM/NBio, Intergraph Corp., Huntsville AL), PANDORA (Royal
    Bot. Gard. Edinburgh), and others... Plus, western colleagues can
    expect a chance to interact with a number of Chinese participants.

    NSF has recommended an award for the above workshop. Domestic
    travel, lodging and food will be covered. In general, interna-
    tional travel is the participants' responsibility, but special
    cases can be made if what a participant brings to the workshop
    justifies our financial support.

    To apply for a seat, email to zxu at
    with a one-page statement about what you expect from the workshop
    and what contribution you can make to the workshop. Colleagues
    who have responded with our "Anticipated Participation Form" will
    be guaranteed a seat. Later applications will be considered
    on first-come-first-served basis.

    Organizers: Zhaoran Xu and Robert Haynes (U.S.)
                Mingguang Li and Lei Li (China)

---Zhaoran Xu, Manager of SERFIS
   zxu at (or zxu at

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