permits for visiting scholars

Karsten Hartel hartel at MCZ.HARVARD.EDU
Thu Jul 20 12:14:22 CDT 1995

I sent the following message to Julian Humphries in support of his idea of
an archive.  After reading the last posting from Laferrier/Veldcamp I think
its important that it be considered by TAXACOM.

We all have "morons" in official capacities; I have them here in
Massachusetts.  However, this name calling, true or not, should not go into
such an archive.   Facts, only the facts.

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I think its a great idea but if it goes into effect I suggest that a
careful review of the NON-OFFICIAL postings is inorder to prevent any
serious problems with host countries... since the server is in the USA it
reflects back on our efforts here and the USA has enough bad images.
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