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James B. Whitfield jwhitfie at COMP.UARK.EDU
Thu Jul 20 12:54:10 CDT 1995

Dear Multiple Recipients...
        I must heartily agree that a central resource on collecting (and
other ersearch) permit requirements in various countries would be valuable,
even if incomplete.  Researchers will of course need to go through the
individual countries for the most up-to-date and exhaustive information,
but contact names and addresses and a general description of the usual
procedures would be a great help.
        I must also concur with Karsten Hartel that informal comments about
experiences with administrators, etc. should not be put on the same list as
the official posting, at least not without some editing.  Rather than
editing I think perhaps having a list of contact people who would be
willing to describe their own recent experiences, along with how to get in
touch with them, would be a better approach. Perhaps if someone wanted to
tabulate the average turnaraound time for applications, how many stops you
must make or people you must visit, etc., that might be OK.   I would hate
to see the effort to get a permit actually become GREATER due to people
getting upset about statements made (even if true).

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