Protozoa Taxonomy Problem

Alfred F. Newton newton at FMPPR.FMNH.ORG
Tue Jul 25 09:11:00 CDT 1995

Dear colleagues:
     Concerning the discussion of the name Rhynchobodo by Simpson and
Segers, the latter seems to be correct that the name should be attributed to
Brugerolle IF that author established a type species for Rhynchobodo, as
required by Art. 13b.  It is not clear from the discussion if Brugerolle
unequivocally did this, and if so which included species is the type.  If
Brugerolle did not fix a type species for Rhynchobodo, his name is
unavailable and Vors (1992) should be credited with the name, with type
species Cryptaulax taeniata.  Otherwise the redescription and type species
designation of Vors would be irrelevant as Segers indicated.
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