Protozoa Taxonomy Problem

Hendrik Segers Hendrik.Segers at RUG.AC.BE
Wed Jul 26 09:16:54 CDT 1995

Dear colleagues:

Regarding Rhynchobodo, and in reply to Alfred F. Newton's message:

Haven't seen the text, but Brugerolle probably did establish a type
species for Rhynchobodo, by 'indication' (see art. 13b) - he considered
it to contain only one originally included nominal species, hence it is
possible that a type was designated by monotypy (see Art 68d).

Hendrik Segers

see art 67h On Tue, 25 Jul 1995, Alfred F. Newton wrote:

> Dear colleagues:
>      Concerning the discussion of the name Rhynchobodo by Simpson and
> Segers, the latter seems to be correct that the name should be attributed to
> Brugerolle IF that author established a type species for Rhynchobodo, as
> required by Art. 13b.  It is not clear from the discussion if Brugerolle
> unequivocally did this, and if so which included species is the type.  If
> Brugerolle did not fix a type species for Rhynchobodo, his name is
> unavailable and Vors (1992) should be credited with the name, with type
> species Cryptaulax taeniata.  Otherwise the redescription and type species
> designation of Vors would be irrelevant as Segers indicated.
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