Union Nomenclatural Code ??

Peter Rauch peterr at VIOLET.BERKELEY.EDU
Mon Jul 3 12:10:42 CDT 1995

In the annual meeting of the Association of Systematics Collections,
held this past weekend, one of the speakers --Marvalee Wake, mentioned
in her talk about the IUBS that an effort has been initiated to pursue
a single, unified Code of Nomenclature for all of the major groups of
life forms. She also identified a number of publications available through
the IUBS or allifiated organizations which discuss systematics in various
lights and roles.

In the meanwhile, discussion about the current Draft 4th Edition of the
International Code of Zoological Nomenclature is proceding on the
listserv, ICZN-4, to which you can subscribe by sending email to
listserv at cmsa.berkeley.edu with a one-line message:
subscribe iczn-4 Yourfirstname Yourlastname


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