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Peter Rauch <peterr at violet.berkeley.edu> wrote:

> In the annual meeting of the Association of Systematics Collections,
> held this past weekend, one of the speakers --Marvalee Wake, mentioned
> in her talk about the IUBS that an effort has been initiated to pursue
> a single, unified Code of Nomenclature for all of the major groups of
> life forms. She also identified a number of publications available
> through the IUBS or allifiated organizations which discuss systematics
> in various lights and roles.

Marvalee Wake, Secretary of IUBS and Chair of the US National Committee
of IUBS, was referring to a draft "Code of Bionomenclature" prepared by
an IUBS "Interim Commission on Bionomenclature" at Egham, UK, in May.
The 30-page draft will be available widely for discussion within the
next few weeks;  it is anticipated that a forum to explain and discuss
this draft and make suggestions for its revision will be held at ICSEB
IV in Budapest (August 17-24, 1996).

A preliminary draft, with cross-references only to the existing
Botanical Code, but otherwise identical, was distributed to the General
Committee on Botancal Nomenclature last month.

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