"Threat" to types (or institutions?)

Peter Rauch peterr at VIOLET.BERKELEY.EDU
Sun Jul 9 19:38:01 CDT 1995

Mike asks lots of good questions about the repatriation of ones national
flora and fauna, and rightfully argues that "This is a critical issue
to the form of our community into the next millenium.

To take it down to a less serious level, however, I'd argue that they
are welcome to their specimens, but I will keep the labels and pins.
While the specimen would be freely returned, I'd have to charge for
the value-added "accoutrements," at say:

                    Pin-in-place    US$1000.00
       Locality/collector labels    US$4000.00
             Determination label    US$2000.00/determination
                     Field notes    US$3000.00/page
            Literature citations    US$5000.00/citation

I would sell the "extras" only as a package deal. Are my figures too
low? Should there be a premium for type specimen accoutrements?  Did I
forget anything?

I suppose that the TRUE owner could argue for penalties to be levied
against the thieves, thus possibly wiping out any possible recuperation
of expenses and added value that could be recovered by these ill-gotten

Can't conceive of removing the pin and labels, you say?  Science, you
say? Not to worry --who will need Science in the world where the above
scenario is played out....


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