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Russ Shiel shielr at WATSON.CANBERRA.EDU.AU
Wed Jul 12 11:16:44 CDT 1995

On Tue, 11 Jul 1995, Kirkendall Lawrence wrote:

>Is it in fact possible to both capture and receive/view with a "normal"
monitor, images of high enough quality to be able to identify insects?<

I am sending and receiving video 'grabs' of protists, rotifers and
microcrustaceans of sufficient resolution to permit species discrimination.

I use a basic Sony S-VHS camera on an Olympus BH-2 microscope with
Nomarski optics - resolution somewhere around 600 lines, into a Sony PAL
(Pacific Rim standard)/NTSC (U.S. Standard) VCR or Panasonic S-VHS VCR,
using a 1000-line monitor salvaged from a satellite-tracking operation.
The monitor is the best part of the system, although a little wasted in
view of the domestic quality camera/recorders.  Ideally, a Betacam or
other broadcast quality system would provide better resolution, but it is
cost prohibitive.

The 486 computer in line with the camera/VCR has a Targa+ board running
Image-Pro software.  It is occasionally necessary to compress and encode
the images - this is done using Photo-Shop or Paint-Shop.  Doubtless there
are other programs about, however mine were dictated by economics, and
have been very successful in transferring and storing taxonomic
information.  There should be no reason why taxonomically significant
detail on insects cannot be resolved with this type of system if we are
doing it for protists et al.

BTW, the above is all on 'stills' - frame grabs.  Live sequences take up
more disc space than I have available, but the system can be adapted for
moving video sequences.

Russ in Oz

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