"Threat" to types (or institutions?)

Jorge Soberon Mainero jsoberon at MIRANDA.ECOLOGIA.UNAM.MX
Wed Jul 12 09:23:14 CDT 1995

Just for the record. 1) In several meetings of the Intergubernamental
Body of the Convention of Biological Diversity, the position of Mexico is
that we believe "data repatriation" (See Arthur Chapman comment) to be
feasible, reasonable and useful, whereas "specimen repatriation" to
represent such a pletora of logistic, scientific, political and ethical
problems that maintaining the statu quo is clearly in the best interest
of everyone.  2) The current policy of the authorities in Mexico is that
those specimens taken before the normativity requiring permits, or with
permits, are considered to be legally held by foreign museums. In the
case of foreign museums holding specimens without a permit but obtained
after the Mexican law required one, such specimens will be regarded as
"on indefinite loan" unless access to them is denied to mexican
scientists or they are used for commercial purposes, in which case the
Mexican Government may claim its rights to the specimens.

The above points are not yet law in Mexico, but is a policy that has
already been applied to agreements with a number of U.S.A. museums. There
is not a consensus among neither mexican scientists or government
officers to this respect. However, since the above points appear to be
reasonable to a growing number of the interested mexicans, CONABIO
expects to gather enough favorable opinions as to include the above
points in the soon to appear Norm for Scientific Collections. If you
maintain contact with mexican colleagues please talk to them about this
point. Los mexicanos que participan en est listserve pueden usarlo para
darme a conocer sus opiniones, o llamenme por telefono.

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