remote video

Carl E. Lewis celew at CONNCOLL.EDU
Wed Jul 12 13:58:57 CDT 1995

Here at Connecticut College, we use a Sony CCD camcorder to capture images of
herbarium specimens.  I wouldn't think these images would be terribly helpful in
identification, but they are useful additions to our database.  The idea is to
give database users a general idea of the appearance of some of the specimens,
using small picture files which can be generated easily.

For specimens such as the sedges, we plan to use a camera mounted on a
dissecting scope, to show detail of reproductive structures.

There is now a short description of our video capturing hardware and techniques
on our herbarium database server, at the following URL:

After connecting to the server, scroll down and select "hardware and techniques
used to capture images," under "New Items."  We also have about 150 of these
JPEG images linked to database records.

I hope someone finds this helpful.

                        - Carl Lewis
                          Connecticut College, New London

                          celew at

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