Sigma starch preference

Case Martha A macase at FACSTAFF.WM.EDU
Fri Jul 14 13:16:37 CDT 1995

Starch Gel Users:

I am getting ready to order a large amount of starch from Sigma and
would appreciate some information.  In 1993, Sigma began making
their own starch (S-5651) in an attempt to improve the shelf life
over the other starch they sell (S-4501, not manufactured by Sigma;
pers.comm. Claudia Viehland @ Sigma). I have just tried both starches
(S-4501 lot 15H0540, and S-5651 lot 14H9516) and there is a
considerable difference between the two.  S-5651 is "thinner" and more
"user friendly" at the same concentration (i.e., it is easier to
cook, aspirate, pour, and slice), yielding comparable resolution to
S-4501.  However, if the shelf life of S-5651 is not very good, this
product could become very difficult to work with (i.e., too thin).  I
am interested in hearing about any experiences you may have had with
S-5651.  Please also indicate lot numbers in your response.  Thank
you in advance.

Martha Case

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