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Sat Jul 15 21:10:19 CDT 1995

Fifty Years ago the first atomic test blast took place at the Trinity
test site in New Mexico.

I thought you would would have an interest in this.

I have a friend who just retired as the Associate Director of Los Alamos
Natl Labs in New Mexico.

We worked together to obtain the plans to the FAT MAN & LITTLE BOY Atomic
Bombs. (Unique commemorative, declassified and "just" released!)

This is a "must have" for anyone interested in Science or History. There
is a limited amount of  Museum quality reproductions (1st Draft ) of
these documents.

Please let me know if you want a set of these blueprints. I will e-mail
you with more details.

Please forward to anyone who might be interested or benifit.


Jeff Slaton
6808 Truchas Dr. NE
Albq., NM  87109

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