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My guess is that some subscribers to TAXACOM may be interested in beta
testing the Diversidad Software described below.  If you are, please send a
Mac-formated disk and stamped disk-mailer to me at the address below with a
brief description of how you might use the program.  I will then send you an
evaluation copy and short evaluation form to fill out as you run the

Richard Podolsky

Avian Systems Announces Diversidad Software for Measuring Diversity in
Digital Earth Images

Diversidad Software is a scientific imaging application for the Macintosh and
Power Macintosh that measures diversity directly from aerial photographs,
satellite imagery, and any digital earth image product.

Diversidad Software  calculates and measures diversity of landscapes directly
from any digital earth image product, a highly significant measurement
because diverse landscapes are known to support equally diverse biological
communities.  Diversidad applies the same information theory models,
pioneered by Claude Shannon, that ecologists use to measure diversity in
ecological system.

Diversidad is a two step process.  In step one, Diversidad calculates the
diversity of a digital earth image.  To do so, users specify the size of the
sampling grid.  Grid size can be between 9 and 225 pixels.  Diversidad  than
calculates two values for each and every pixel in the image, actual diversity
and the theoretical maximum diversity.  The theoretical maximum diversity is
used in step two in which Diversidad displays the results of step one.  To
display the results, users specify whether they want to see areas of high or
low diversity as a function of the regions percent of the maximum diversity.

Diversidad was created by Richard Podolsky, an ornithologist, software
developer, and expert on satellite imagery and remote sensing.  According to
Podolsky, "Halting extinction and preserving biodiversity is perhaps the
greatest environmental challenge.  Ecologists have long recognized that
diverse landscapes are ecological hot spots for species diversity and now
there is a software tool to automatically and directly measure the diversity
of the earth".  Podolsky goes on to say, "Diversidad allows conservation
biologists to perform extensive searching and pattern recognition within a
wide range of imagery.  Its functionality presents users with a unique and
powerful set of tools for exploring the details and subtleties in digital
earth images."  According to Dr. Jerry Freilich, Ecologist with the National
Park Service, "The ability to measure diversity directly from remotely sensed
data has literally transformed the way I manage the lands I am responsible
for.  Once I find areas of high diversity I use Diversidad to identify other
equally diverse regions in an image...it works like magic."

Podolsky is also the developer of GAIA (Geographic Access, Image, and
Analysis), an acclaimed remote sensing software package, and FullPixelSearch
a software package for doing detailed recognition of patterns in digital

To receive an evaluation copy of  Diversidad, send materials to: Dr. Richard
Podolsky, Avian Systems, Inc., 1275 15th Street, Suite 15G, Fort Lee, New
Jersey  07024-1929 Tel: (201) 224-2025;  FAX:  (201) 224-2566, email =
 RichardP at eworld.com

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