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Joseph Laferriere joseph at BIO2.COM
Mon Jul 24 15:01:00 CDT 1995

Oh, I wholeheartedly agree on the necessity of humor. I have a reputation
myself of indulging in sillyicity quite intensely, sometimes to the border
of excess. But I also know to be careful with it, especially when dealing
with people of diverse cultures, and especially by e-mail. I could recite
examples of jokes shared between close friends which were badly
misinterpreted when done by e-mail.

Joe Laferriere
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Subject: Re: FW: Permits NOT Necessary
Date: Monday 24 July 1995 10:49AM

On Mon, 24 Jul 1995, Joseph Laferriere wrote:

> To everyone: Please note that the following message, posted a few minutes

(I've snipped it so as not to "waste" bandwidth)

> ago, was intended as humor, although many people may not take it as such.
>    Sarcasm is extremely dangerous, and I would advise against using in the
> following manner in an international mailing list. The author probably
> inadvertantly offended somebody, which is unfortunate.

I feel sorry for those unfortunate few who read Ph.D. candidate
Gulamentum's message and did not recognize it as sarcasm. I got a good
laugh out of it (I DID recognize the humor) and I'm sure others did as

Sarcasm, spoofs, and satire are healthy expressions (I think most
governments still allow them to exist); without them, we are doomed to a
world of endless "seriousness".

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