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        I am just one of the casualties of the unpopularity of classical
taxonomy. I am a trained systematist with over 10 years of experience. But I
cannot find full employment either at any university or the govt. services.
They keep telling me that my skill is not that important. Whenever they want
sometime identified, they just hand me a small contract.
        Many consulting companies do not even bother to have any of their
invertebrates, especially oligochaetes and chironomid larvae, identified
beyond the family level.  I think this is disastrous in light of the fact
that over 70% of all the invertebrates collected in any environmenal
assessment studies are comprised of these two groups of animals. Yet it has
never stop them from interpreting their data and come to conclusions on the
effects of industries on the environment. I think this is going to have a
huge impact because govt. are cutting back on their resources and letting
private consulting companies do more and more of this kind of assessment
        Unfortunately, those in power are rather short-sighted. I even have
one professor who uses molecular biology in his work told me that I am a
dinosaur and should retrain myself in molecular biology. Thank god I did not
listen to his advice.

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