True phylogenies

Neal Evenhuis neale at BISHOP.BISHOP.HAWAII.ORG
Thu Jul 27 09:27:54 CDT 1995


Wow! You've been able to find a "true phylogeny" somewhere to compare with
all those "estimates" that we've been doing for decades now!

Gosh, if you (or Sokal, Sneath, or Nei) had the answers all this time,
why didn't you tell the rest of us so we wouldn't be wasting our time
trying to figure out what the various phylogenies were?!

And to think I'd been taught that we'd never know the "true phylogeny" of
any group unless we lived long enough to see the process of evolution in
the group we were studying. Guess, I'd been taught wrong. The answers were
there the whole time.

Where'd you find the answers? In the back of the book?

Neal L. Evenhuis

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