Specimen examined lists & databases. Author's view

Robert Raven R.Raven at MAILBOX.UQ.OZ.AU
Sat Jul 29 18:25:50 CDT 1995

Our present solution for mobs of data, be it tables, material examined,
or statistics is to add a microfice to the publication. However, the
material examined list is a specific one which we are being told should
be managed by ensuring that the material is registered with a museum
number and only that number is printed. The full data can then be
accessed directly via the museum (at least in our case) in whichever form
desired but certainly on disk as a database with dates, collectors,
habitats, and geographical coordinates. In association with a map of
points, I am happy with that solution (as the victim=author). However, my
question is what do the users if such data feel?
Dr Robert J . Raven
Museum Scientist (Arachnology)
Queensland Museum, Brisbane, Australia

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