Specimens examined lists, again

Gary Noonan carabid at CSD.UWM.EDU
Mon Jul 31 09:04:56 CDT 1995

        Several colleagues have suggested that monographs contain a list of
the unique specimen numbers for specimens examined. I thought I would
comment on these suggestions. The problem is that almost all current
entomology collections don't use such numbers. Entomologists to deal with
large numbers of specimens--millions of specimens in the larger museums--,
and entomology collections typically have lacked the staff to implement a
computerization of individual specimens. If I had somehow added unique
numbers to the specimens I saw, such numbers would be unique only for my
particular study. And entering each specimen individually would have
multiplied the time required for databasing specimens. The current database
was done by grouping specimens whatever possible. A single record might
contain several males and females with the same label data.

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