Hawaii Biological Survey on World Wide Web

Scott Miller scottm at BISHOP.BISHOP.HAWAII.ORG
Mon Jul 31 13:42:44 CDT 1995

The HAWAII BIOLOGICAL SURVEY (HBS) World Wide Web server is now available,
as part of the BISHOP MUSEUM server.  Features of the HBS server include:

SPECIMEN DATABASES:  Bishop Museum type specimens in entomology and botany
(including algae and fungi) are now available (over 30,000 specimens from
around the world), with vertebrate and the other invertebrate types coming
soon.  Hawaiian specimens of selected vascular plants will also be
available soon.

BIBLIOGRAPHIC DATABASES: An annotated bibliography of Hawaiian vascular
plants (4000 citations) available now, with bibliographies for most
Hawaiian organisms coming soon.

TAXONOMIC AUTHORITY FILES: Species checklists for the 22,000 species of
Hawaiian organisms will be posted, starting with terrestrial arthropods,
snails, and flowering plants in the near future.

genus Megalagrion is featured now, with more to come.

STAFF AND PUBLICATIONS LISTS, including full text in some cases (such as
"How many species are there in Hawaii?" as seen in "USA Today").

Information on Hawaiian GEOLOGY is also available, including a database on
volcanic rock geochemistry organized by island

HBS thanks our financial supporters and collaborators, especially
MacArthur Foundation, National Biological Service, National Science
Foundation, Center for Plant Conservation, Smithsonian Institution, US
Fish and Wildlife Service, and Hawaii Dept. of Lands and Natural
Resources, for assistance, and Dexter Sear and Neal Evenhuis for graphic


BISHOP MUSEUM: http://www.bishop.hawaii.org
HAWAII BIOLOGICAL SURVEY: http://www.bishop.hawaii.org/bishop/hbs/hbs1.html
HAWAIIAN GEOLOGY: http://www.bishop.hawaii.org/bishop/geology/geology.html

The specimen and bibliographic databases may also be reached by GOPHER at
gopher.bishop.hawaii.org 70

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