Time for Letter-Writing?

Peter Rauch peterr at VIOLET.BERKELEY.EDU
Thu Jul 6 20:36:19 CDT 1995

At the annual meeting of the Association of Systematics Collections, last
weekend, the point was raised that our lives are very busy and that we
(in this case, ASC members) would like to have ASC provide us with
sharply focussed draft letters, ready for our modest editing and signatures,
to send off to Congress (this is a USA-related note, folks) on all the sorts
of matters that concern us (as natural history collection organizations).

I guess my own take on this proposition is that if we don't have time to
draft our own letters to Congress and our State legislatures during this
time of environmental crisis, then we don't have time for anything else,
including preparing grant proposals....

The US Congress and many State legislatures are engaged at this moment
in horrific attacks on environmental protections. OUR NATURAL HISTORY
COLLECTIONS MEAN NOTHING TO SOCIETY if society (and we) have no time to
protect what these collections represent, and to protest what Congress is
successfully (thus far) doing to destroy what little is left of our
national environmental patrimony.

Now, there are several organizations which are sending out brief (one-two
page, weekly, even twice-weekly updates on Congressional anti-environmental
and make your own phone calls, based on the information provided in
those updates. ASC already has a friend in these organizations' efforts,
and should not be attempting to duplicate their efforts. ASC should
complement those efforts by filling in the gaps, if they exist, only.

One list to which you can subscribe, to keep up to the moment on this
environmental onslaught, is the Sierra Club electronic mailing list
for legislative alerts and other important information.  If you want
to join the list, send e-mail to:

      majordomo at igc.apc.org

with the following command in the body of your e-mail message:

      subscribe sc-action

Commands in the "Subject:" line are not processed.

Your congressperson may have email; that makes the job of sending
them a note much easier.

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