Angiosperm Families - INTKEY and WWW Packages

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Fri Jul 7 16:18:31 CDT 1995

              Angiosperm Families - INTKEY and WWW Packages
                      L. Watson and M. J. Dallwitz

New versions of INTKEY and WWW packages for angiosperm families are
available via gopher or anonymous ftp from        (directory: /pub/delta/angio)           (directory: /delta/angio)
and via WWW from
The file Angio.1st contains information about downloading and installing the
INTKEY package.

If you linked the previous version of the WWW package to your own files,
note that the directory structure has been changed: the files are now in a
subdirectory `www'. The old subdirectory, `extra', will continue to work for
a week. If you need more time to adjust your files, please let me know.

Reference: Watson, L. and Dallwitz, M. J. (1991). The families of
angiosperms: automated descriptions, with interactive identification and
information retrieval. Aust. Syst. Bot., 4, 681-95.

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