Taxacom is an unmoderated discussion list

Jim Beach beach at VIOLET.BERKELEY.EDU
Wed Jul 12 12:11:49 CDT 1995

I would like to respond briefly to the strong criticism of the recent
discussion thread by Professor Mauro Jose Cavalcanti.  Taxacom is an
unmoderated mailing list and not and edited journal where content is
controlled.  This informal format does allow people to express their
individual views in a large range of styles of varing taste and
intellectual quality.  I regret that the freedom this medium allows
Taxacom to become intolerable for some.  Queitly unsubscribing to the list
is an appropriate response in that situation, as is continued constructive
criticism of the threads and message streams.

Approximately once a month, I send out a reference card explaining
subscribe and unsubscribe options.  Until Taxacom evolves into a refereed
communications mechanism, this will probably be the extent of my

Jim Beach


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