On the level of these messages - UNIDROID AGAIN!

GB:'X0B$4fAB92GB5 76711.1261 at COMPUSERVE.COM
Thu Jul 13 17:12:28 CDT 1995

Dear Sir Mauro Jose Cavalcanti,

I already send  apology to taxacom  before I read your letter, I therefore
humble apologise again and to you personaly. I am originally from Czechoslovakia
(not Yugoslavia) from Prague, and english is my second language. I  did not try
to upset , depreciate or dishonour  scientists from Brasil, Ghana , Congo,
Vanuatu etc...  I do not know that to express  my point of view, and my worry
about future of collections  will get so unhappy and unpleasant response.

I am wonder only if you support the idea that all specimens to have be relocated
to country of origin.


Vratislav Richard Bejsak
Coleoptera - Australia, Tenebrionidae
Konevova 1658/110
130 00 Prague 3 Zizkov
voice: (42+2) 270 849
fax  : (41+2) 311 6545
email: 76711,1261 at compuserve.com
(I am from Australia, this address is for one or two years)

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