Digital Images

Mary Barkworth stipoid at CC.USU.EDU
Sun Jul 16 10:47:04 CDT 1995

This spring UTC has made digital images of both fresh plant specimens and a
few type specimens for placement on the Web.  Most will not be available
until we get the next hard disk installed, but there is an image of the type
of Agropyron lanceolatum that is relevant to the recent discussion on the
implications of UNIDROIT.  The image is at
 [or get at it through   (page
down to digital images)]

The reason that it may be of interest is that it can be downloaded at
different levels of resolution (but beware of the length of time it will
take to download the highest resolution version).  Once the new hard disk is
installed, I plan to make additional images of this and other type specimens
that I have on loan.  For instance, there should be images of the whole
sheet, the label, and of the features currently thought to be critical for
identification of the taxon.  Information about the camera used is
associated with the image.

Because the initial image is large (20MB), we are planning to store most
originals on CDs.  One could, of course, loan CDs (or make copies of them)
on request.  It would not be the same as loaning a specimen, but might be a
satisfactory alternative in some instances.

Whatever laws, treaties, etc. come to pass, putting such type images on the
Web would, in my opinion, be very beneficial.  Granted, we cannot anticipate
the diagnostic features of taxa that have not yet been recognized, but I
suspect that the number of times types are borrowed for that purpose is
relatively infrequent.  The reason that we have not already put up
additional images is simple: cost and time (which could be purchased with
$$$$).  The camera we have been using is on loan (thank you Roche Image
Analysis); I am working on a proposal that will enable us to purchase it and
associated hardware to make recording microscopic features and providing
good lighting much easier.  When we have more than the one image available,
I will notify taxacom.  I am not sure what the address will be on the new
hard disk.

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