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Julian Humphries jmh3 at CORNELL.EDU
Thu Jul 20 10:06:39 CDT 1995

Joel Hallan <Biocat at UTS.CC.UTEXAS.EDU> wrote:

> Specialists and interested Parties:
> I do not like to see time wasted by negativism.  If we get the ball started
> rolling,
> we will eventually succeed.  I would be very willing to set up a WWW page on
> the internet for this purpose.  I will be glad to act as editor for any data
> sent to me
> and I will organize the page.  Jorge Soberon Mainero said he was willing to find
> out the Mexican procedures.  Are there any others who would be willing to find
> out information for a particular country?
> If anyone else would like to act as editor or have the WWW page at their web
> site, please say so.  I would be willing to help in any way.

The Biodiversity and Biological Collections WWW/Gopher/FTP server
( at the appropriate port) would be happy to act
as a host for such a resource and can make the data available thru
all three means of electronic information distribution.  We can
provide taxonomic/country organization capability, search functions,
remote-editor updating and repository for a listserv archive if
someone is interested in setting one up.

I would propose that submissions (which can be uploaded by anonymous
ftp or emailed to be noted as "Official" or
"Anecdotal", that is, either speaking for a government agency that
formulates collecting requirements, or as an individual relating
their experience actually obtaining a permit.  Both will be useful.

In addition, I believe such a resource would benefit from
descriptions of experiences and knowledge of regulations related to
import of specimens into host countries as well as redistribution of
such material.

Finally, I would very much welcome any contributions on tissue, dna
and other frozen samples, given the interest of additional government
agencies that deal with these types of material (e.g. USDA).

Julian Humphries
The MUSE Project
Cornell University

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