FW: permits for visiting scholars

Joseph Laferriere joseph at BIO2.COM
Thu Jul 20 08:42:00 CDT 1995

Thanx for the note. I agree that such a goal is utopistic, but some
information is better than none. A note in such a database saying "This
country is nearly impossible to work in "  would at least warn people about
the quagmire they are getting themselves into. It would also point out to
the people in the country concerned about the reputation they are acquiring
(not that criticism goes very far in Indonesia anyway). I have no qualms
about strict regulations, but I do object to totally impossible chaos.

Joe Laferriere
joseph at bio2.com
To: joseph
Subject: permits for visiting scholars
Date: Thursday 20 July 1995 10:48AM

Dear Joe,

   I just saw your suggestion of setting up a central for info for
visiting scholars. Good idea, but highly utopistic. As you yourself
cleared showed in the account of your experiences in Indonesia, it
is impossible to know what these official morons will come up with


JeF Veldkamp

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