Protozoa Taxonomy Problem

Alfred F. Newton newton at FMPPR.FMNH.ORG
Wed Jul 26 09:23:08 CDT 1995

>Regarding Rhynchobodo, and in reply to Alfred F. Newton's message:
>Haven't seen the text, but Brugerolle probably did establish a type
>species for Rhynchobodo, by 'indication' (see art. 13b) - he considered
>it to contain only one originally included nominal species, hence it is
>possible that a type was designated by monotypy (see Art 68d).
>Hendrik Segers

     In the original message on this matter, Simpson stated that Brugerolle
considered his new species Rhynchobodo armata to be "similar in appearance
to Lackey's Rhynchobodo agilis (but not similar to Rhynchomonas nasuta)."
I took this to mean that Brugerolle placed armata and agilis in a genus
Rhynchobodo, and separated this genus from the genus Rhynchomonas, with
species nasuta.  This would place two original species in Rhynchobodo and
prevent type species designation by monotypy.
     Clearly someone needs to study Brugerolle's work to resolve these
questions and settle the matter!

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