Collecting Fees

Fred Rickson ricksonf at BCC.ORST.EDU
Wed Jul 26 13:39:20 CDT 1995

The entomology list has recently had a discussion on country
imposed collecting fees becoming popular, especially in developing
countries.  I posted the following; the discussion certainly impinges on
TAXACOM also.  Comments???

To All:

I wonder what would happen if a new graduate student or visiting faculty
from ANY foreign country simply had to pay for a collecting permit to work
in the U.S.  Same price as in their country and good for the same period
of time.  All new Mexican graduate students coming to the U.S. will pay
the $700. fee to use our field resources.  Seems fair to me, and I suspect
foreign governments would hear about such a fee much more quickly than
from any discussion on this net.

I guess I am getting a bit tired of this "gouge the U.S." idea.  A couple
of years ago I was near a meeting in Malaysia which was free for graduate
students (great), $20. for Malaysian faculty (great), $100. if from a
developed Commonwealth country, and $350. if from the U.S. (not so great).
There is just no need for such nonsense, and for Mexico to charge $700+
for a collecting permit is pure crap.

If anyone comes to Oregon, I'll be happy to help you collect for
free...and I'll try to ship your specimens out for you.  Over the past 25
years I have had far too much generous help in foreign countries not to
try and reciprocate in kind.

Fred Rickson
Oregon State University

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