Is there a CITES-L list?

Adolf Ceska aceska at FREENET.VICTORIA.BC.CA
Thu Jul 27 06:04:02 CDT 1995

> I have been told that there is a CITES discussion list somewhere, but
> I don't  know at which listserver. Does any of the taxacom'ers know
> this list?

I found the answer on the Botanical Electronic News.

Adolf Ceska

Here it is:

From: conslink <conslink%sivm.bitnet at>

CITES-L,  a  list for discussion and postings of issues relating
to the trade in wildlife and  the  Convention  on  International
Trade  in  Endangered Species (CITES), will provide a medium for
discussions on wildlife trade  and  CITES  related  issues.  The
World Conservation Monitoring Centre (WCMC), where the list will
be  maintained,  has  had over 12 years of experience in dealing
with wildlife trade issues  and  maintains  a  database  of  all
reported  trade  in  CITES-listed species on behalf of the CITES
Secretariat. WCMC has regular contact with the CITES Secretariat
in Geneva, which will also be a source  of  up-to-date  informa-
tion. The 9th Conference of the Parties of CITES will be held in
November  of  this  year in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA and we
hope to post decisions and results of discussions as  they  take

Subscribing:  send  a  one  line message to LISTPROC at WCMC.ORG.UK
with the command line (in message body):
e.g. SUBSCRIBE CITES-L Ronald MacDonald

Signing off: send a one  line  message  to  LISTPROC at WCMC.ORG.UK
with the command line (in message body):

Caution:  replying  to  a  message  from  the list will reply to
EVERYONE on the list unless you take precautions  to  make  sure
that does not happen.

If  you  have  any  questions  please  direct  them  to the list
Helen Corrigan
Wildlife Trade Monitoring Unit
World Conservation Monitoring Centre
219 Huntingdon Road
Cambridge CB3 0DL, U.K.
E-mail: helen.corrigan at
(BEN # 77  10-July-1994)

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