Collecting Fees

Jorge Soberon Mainero jsoberon at MIRANDA.ECOLOGIA.UNAM.MX
Thu Jul 27 13:10:42 CDT 1995

Dear Fred, I am glad that you are willing to reciprocate in kind and
allow foreign collectors to collect in Oregon for free. So would I, in
Mexico, and so would most Mexican taxonomists. Unfortunately neither you
nor I make the laws of our countries. A $700.00 fee is currently the law in
Mexico, and although this is changing to a more reasonable procedure and
fee, right now it is the law. Despite the fact that many of us believe it
to be  unfortunate, it does have a history and a rationale and to qualify
it as "nonsense" or "crap" without knowing the background is somewhat hasty.

Still, you made your point, it adds to a large number of more reasoned
opinions by foreign taxonomists, and hopefully the new Mexican
regulations will provide a better setting for conducting biological
research in my country.

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