Animal Name Registry Demo

Fri Jul 28 09:17:44 CDT 1995

ZOOLOGICAL RECORD announces www availability of a demonstration search
of an example animal name registry as proposed in the ICZN Draft Code
4th Edition.


The discussion draft of the proposed 4th edition of the International
Code of Zoological Nomenclature, due to take formal effect in Jan
1997, requires that new names (of species-group, genus-group and
family-group taxa) published after that date be recorded as such in
the Zoological Record, within 5 years of their original publication,
for them to be considered available.

Zoological Record is investigating alternatives whereby taxonomists
can check whether any new name published after 1996 has been recorded
in the ZR database. To illustrate one mechanism by which this might
be achieved using the internet, and in order to obtain feedback from
potential users, a demonstration query facility, together with mail
form for comment, is now available. It is hoped that taxonomists will
experiment with its use and be encouraged to send comments, in the
light of which new versions may appear periodically over the next few

Please note that due to a number of factors, particularly
availability of source material, it is not always possible to include
new names in the Zoological Record year volume corresponding to their
date of publication, but they *are* included in any subsequent volume
as available. Although the intention is, and always has been, to
include all new names in Zoological Record, it is accepted that lapses
have occurred in the past. However, in recent years, significant
effort has been made to improve coverage and quality control. While
every effort is made to locate new names within the resources
available, some more obscure or less generally accessible
publications may be missed. Authors of new names can help by
sending copies of their publications to Zoological Record and any
zoologist who knows of missing names is requested to send details,
which will be fully investigated and acted upon.


The demonstration search queries only names in the ZR database
which were published in the original literature of 1990 and which
appear in the 1990 or subsequent volumes of Zoological Record (Volume
126 onwards). Note that this may include names published in items
with a cover date of 1990, but with an actual publication date of
1991 or later. More information is given on the web page which can
be located through the Zoological Record home page at:

WARNING! the demonstration requires use of a forms enabled web
browser which supports form method = POST action. It has been tested
satisfactorily with Netscape and NCSA Mosaic for Microsoft Windows;
some other browsers seem unable to interpret the page correctly. In
order that support for other browsers may be developed it would be
helpful if users who experience technical problems could email
details to mtaylor at

Users who wish to make any general observations on the proposed Name
Registry check demonstration, may use the general comment form
provided on the web server or email jhowcroft at

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