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Quotes recently posted:

>>If ecology and animal behavior tolerate uncertainty, that is their
>>>business,and is hardly a justification for systematics doing so.
>Mediocre spirits demand of science the kind of certainty which it cannot
>give, a sort of religious satisfaction. Only the real, rare, true
>scientific minds can endure doubt, which is attached to all our knowledge.
>          -- Sigmund Freud
>As an adolescent I ... craved factual certainty ... so I became a
>scientist.  This is like becoming an archbishop so you can meet girls.
>        -- M. Cartmill

To which I am inclined to add:

[Paraphrased:]  Those inclined toward comfort will do what they must to be
accepted by the masses.  They cannot formulate their own thoughts for fear
of straying from that acceptance, and so they select and repeat the words
once spoken by those whom they admire....If you are to be true to your
spirit, you must ask those questions that bring pain....Fear only those who
fear your questions.
                -- Promontorius

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[Another parroted quote:]
"At the end of a fortnight, I fired myself for willful incompetence."
              -- Donald Culross Peattie (The Road of a Naturalist, 1941)

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