Plant Contraception info needed

GuineaLady at AOL.COM GuineaLady at AOL.COM
Sun Jul 30 18:24:48 CDT 1995

I am looking for information on 2 plants and their effect on rodent
contraception. A study was done on the antispermatogenic effect of embelin,
the seeds of Embelia ribes Burm on rats. Does anyone have the vernacular name
and any more information on this plant, such as its distribution? Also,
Daucus Carota (Queen Anne's Lace) has been used since the Rennaisance by
women as a post-coital "prophylactic." Does anyone have any information about
studies done on this plant?
 I am trying to find humane ways to control the population of Nutria,
Argentinian immigrant water rodents, in the state of Louisiana.
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      GuineaLady at

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