Survey of common tree names

Barry Roth barryr at UCMP1.BERKELEY.EDU
Thu Jun 1 12:09:56 CDT 1995

>        I am a graduate student in Cognitive Science at Northwestern
>University.  My colleagues and I are studying classification of trees by
>experts of different types (taxonomists, landscapers, parks workers, etc.)
>in order to determine how people form the biological categories they do.  I
>am writing to request your help in our project by filling out a brief
>survey simply listing the common names of various species of trees in your
>geographical area.
>        If you are interested I will explain a bit about what we are doing.
>One question we have is how language affects categorization.  From both
>reasoning tasks and sorting tasks, we have evidence that, whereas people
>usually put trees of the same genus together (or reason about them in the
>same way), they are more likely to group unrelated trees together if they
>share a genus name (e.g. White Ash and American Mountain-Ash) and less
>likely to put related trees together if they don't share the genus name

Out of curiosity, regarding your study design:  what will be the standard by
which you judge whether trees are "related" versus "unrelated"?

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