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Robin Leech robinl at NAIT.AB.CA
Sat Jun 3 14:03:17 CDT 1995

To Kirkendall and others,

Vertebrate names are not as universal as you think.  The bird called the
American Robin, or just Robin, is Turdus americanus, but in Europe and UK
there is another bird, belonging to a different family called a Robin,
which is a smaller bird.  About the only thing the two species have in
common is an orangish chest.

In North America, we call it a moose.  In Europe, it is called an Elch.
In N.A. we call it an elk or a wapiti, but in Europe it is called a red
deer.  We call 'em rattlesnakes, but the French call them serpent a
sonnet (this given with tongue in cheek - partly cheeky).

There are many more in the vertebrates.

Insects, especially beetles and butterflies, have many common and local
names.  No, plants are not unique in having local names.  Pigweed is
a good example for plants, though, of several species of plants having
the same common name, but with the species being in several plant families.

Robin Leech (ou Rougegorge Sangsue, oder Rotchelchen Blutegel)

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