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Fri Jun 9 11:06:00 CDT 1995

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From: Regis B. Miller:S32A
Date: ## 06/09/95 07:06 ##
I found the name 'bois trompette' in my database of common and
scientific names.  It is Cecropia peltata and that is the only
scientific name for this common name.  Several sources cite this
name including Little & Wadsworth (1964) Common trees of Puerto Rico
and the Vergin Islands; and Elsevier's Wood Dictionary (1964).

Regis B. Miller
USDA, FS, Forest Products Lab
Madison, WI

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From: Bjarte Jordal:X400
Date: ## 06/06/95 07:59 ##

Are there any botanist (or others) out there familiar with the french common=
name "Bois trompette". The name was given to a tree species in Guadeloupe by=
an entomologist at the beginning of this century. I wonder if this tree=20
could have been Cecropia (Cecropiaceae)?

Bjarte Jordal, Univ. Bergen
Museum of Zoology, Institute of Zoology
Mus=E9plass 3
5007 Bergen, NORWAY
E-mail: Bjarte.Jordal at
FAX: +47 55 32 11 53
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