Pelaez Goycochea Alejandro-FC pelaez at SERVIDOR.UNAM.MX
Fri Jun 9 19:17:14 CDT 1995

Speaking only about confidence on determination, because confidence on
geographical localization is another world, in CONABIO we use one
qualifier with four levels to taxonomic determinations depending on the
determinator, we ask our data providers to put the best califcation to
determinations made by an expert in the taxonomic group which the specimen
belongs, the following level is determinator being a taxonomist but not
expert in the specific group, thirth level is another person (student,
etc) and fourth unknow.

It could be added another two criteria, one related to the "complexity"or
dificulties associated with the group, I mean, for example genus Physalis
is hard because you need data extra from the field not usually registred.
The other qualifyer is related with the existence or not fo recent
monagraphies or floras treating the specific group. This two criteria
shoud be linked with taxa, instead with specimen of course.

Alejandro Pelaez

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