GIS Definition

Zhaoran Xu zxu at SERFIS.BY.UA.EDU
Tue Jun 13 10:57:17 CDT 1995

   GIS Definition: A GIS is a computer-based system that provides four
sets of capabilities to handle georeferenced data:
   1. input;
   2. data management (storage and retrieval);
   3. manipulation and analysis;
   4. output.
   (Stan Aronoff, 1993: p.39-40)
   Typically, a GIS will be able to combine several maps, e.g., soil map,
forest map and residential map into different outputs, such as a map
to show how forest is related to soil.  Without this decision-making
analytical function, a mapping program is better identified as a
CARTOGRAPHIC program rather than a GIS.  Indeed, taxonomists have not
made much usage of the above analytical function yet.

Tue, 6 Jun 1995, Gary Noonan wrote:
>> I don't know if QUIKmap  can do
>> geographic analyses.

On Wed., June 7, 1995,  Robert J Raven wrote:
>I very much doubt whether QUIKmap with pcx files is up to GIS
>or other analyses.

On June 10, 1995, Laurie Consaul wrote:
>If a GIS is defined by having a relational database manager and a means of
>graphic display of georeferenced data, then QUIKmap is a GIS.

---Zhaoran Xu

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